Do you have a plan?

Who will answer when you can't?

Do you have a plan?

This weekend we had some pretty violent weather. Many in our community were impacted due to high winds and heavy rain fall. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and businesses impacted by the weather.

AFS Business Solutions answers for several electrical cooperatives in the area, especially during storms that may impact their members. Our job is ensure the callers that the service provider is aware of their outage and also report and dangerous situations, like downed power lines, to the crews working the storm.

During this past storm, we know of several businesses that have been impacted and unfortunately are still not operating this morning. As I drove to our facility this morning I was listening to the weather and we are receiving another line of storms that are expected to be severe.

AFS is a 24/7/365 center specializing in answering for businesses and individuals when they can’t or don’t want to. We are located in a 35,000 square foot facility with redundant telecom, generator power, and a sister call center in Arizona. If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan I urge you to have one and AFS can be part of your solution. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you to build solutions to help you through any storm!

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