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The shape of business continues to evolve on a daily basis. Technology and innovation fuel these changes at a staggering pace. Because of these accelerating changes, businesses and organizations have to adapt or be left behind. Customers and prospects will no longer expect to be limited to traditional forms of communications at traditional speeds.

Businesses and Organizations need a contact center that can respond quickly and efficiently to the demanding needs of today’s prospects and customers. Equally import that contact center must be able to represent the clients brand and values.

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At AFS Business Solutions, we value our role as the communication for our client’s prospects and customers. We take pride in representing our clients and their brands because we know that in today’s marketplace impressions are everything. We cater to clients who require specialized inbound and outbound communication services and leave the “just name and number business” to traditional call centers.
Whether we serve as the sole contact or in an overflow or after hours capacity, we feel confident we can provide the necessary level of support and commitment your company deserves. We truly see ourselves as an extension of our clients and unlike most contact centers, we welcome our clients to participate at whatever level they desire in the training of our agents and CSR’s.
Here are just a few key components that we feel separates us from other contact centers:
  • The average tenure of our CSR’s and Licensed Agents is 5.9 years.
  • We are 100% on shore and operate in the contiguous United States.
  • We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Our company has never had an E & O claim, HIPAA, or CMS violation.
  • We work for several of the 42 Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in the United States.
  • We have licensed Life and Health insurance agents that specialize in both sales and retention for the Health Care Industry.
Want to learn more about AFS Business Solutions or get a list of client referrals? Call us at 1-800-687-8844. We are proud of the job we do for our clients and in the fact that we forge lasting relationships with them. We would love for them to share our success in assisting them to strengthen their marketing efforts, build their brand, increase their sales, drive in repeat business, and retain their customers.

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Address: 5805 US-271, Fort Smith, AR 72908

Phone: 1-800-264-1100

Email: info@answerfortsmith.com

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