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Who We Are

At AFS Business Solutions, we value our role as the communication for our client’s prospects and customers. We take pride in representing our clients and their brands because we know that in today’s marketplace impressions are everything. We cater to clients who require specialized inbound and outbound communication services and leave the “just name and number business” to traditional call centers.
Whether we serve as the sole contact or in an overflow or after hours capacity, we feel confident we can provide the necessary level of support and commitment your company deserves. We truly see ourselves as an extension of our clients and unlike most contact centers, we welcome our clients to participate at whatever level they desire in the training of our agents and CSR’s.

Here are some of the ways we can help you...

-Virtual Receptionist

-Customer Acquisition

-Retention Services

-Customer Validation

-Data Administration

-Customer / Workforce Support

-Order Processing

-Insurance Sales